JPDA: Monthly Production
Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE)

Previous 3 months

MonthProduction (BOE)
Jul '173,579,747.04
Aug '173,187,784.22
Sep '172,468,710.68

Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo

LAFAEK, First Tranche Petroleum and Profit Oil - All Projects in $USD

Monthly FACT Sheet




BUCondensate FTP$1,735,982.81$1,562,384.53$173,598.28
BULNG FTP$2,457,827.60$2,212,044.84$245,782.76
BULPG FTP$683,238.94$614,915.05$68,323.89
BUProvisional Profit oil & gas May 17$14,103,827.58$12,693,444.82$1,410,382.76
Bank Charges$-40.00$-20.00$-20.00
Interest Received$637.45$573.71$63.75

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