JPDA: Monthly Production
Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE)

Previous 3 months

MonthProduction (BOE)
May '173,251,086.98
Jun '173,881,110.84
Jul '173,579,747.04

Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo

LAFAEK, PSC Description

PSC Name
JPDA 03-12
Contract Kind:
Effective Date:
Expiry Date:
The Bayu Undan field is partly located in this PSC. The Elang, Kakatua and Kakatua North (EKKN) fields are only located in the JPDA 03-12 area..

Geographical Coordinates in Decimal Degree:

Latitude, Longitude


NB: These geographical coordinates are for visualization purpose only.
Work Program:
Initial stage, the work program for JPDA 03-12 focused on construction of Bayu-Undan offshore facilities, hook-up and commisioning, and simultaneous development drilling in this gas/condensate field. Bayu-Undan fields have gone through phases of development drilling to maintain the production rate as a result of natural depletion of the field. In 2018, this field will drill another three infill wells.

PSC Operators

ConocoPhillips (03-12) Pty Ltd 46.36%

PSC Joint Venture Partners

ConocoPhillips (Emet) Pty Ltd,1.577%
Santos (JPDA91-12) Pty Ltd19.44%
ConocoPhillips (Timor Sea) Pty Ltd13.371%
Inpex Sahul Ltd19.25%

Fields within this PSC

Wells within this PSC

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